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We updated Amiah’s gallery with screencaps from Macgyver! Check out her gallery!

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You may notice a few of our pages are down. We are working on getting them back up with updated information!

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Check out this adorable photo we found from the set of the film! Credit to Weekly Entertainment!

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We finally have a name to her face! Amiah is playing Nova in the newest film, War for the Planet of the Apes. We are so excited to see this release this summer (July 14!), and catch her on the red carpet again.  Have you seen the promo yet? If not, check it out below. She is the first human that we see!

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If you missed our post before, then you missed that Amiah was signed with CAA! This is huge, as she’s one of the YOUNGEST to ever sign with them! CAA reps tons of A-list actors, such as Emma Watson, Asa Butterfield, Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Lawrence, and so so many more! I am super proud of Amiah and can not wait see what comes forward in her career with this new change of representation.